St. Louis, Bevo auf einer greren Karte anzeigen

Art Center DUPLEX, Sarajevo auf einer greren Karte anzeigen


„The function of memory is to implement what has been left from the past into

presence, which without it would appear as a big emptiness. [...]

But its bigger and major function persists of preparing the future.”


Jean-Ives Tadié, Le Sens de la mémoire (mit Marc Tadié), Gallimard, 1999

Bevo, the southern district of St. Louis, Missouri has radically changed by the influence of migrants from Bosnia and Herzegowina. The IOM (International Organization for Migration) organized the emigration of the first families from Bosnia and Herzwgowina to St. Louis in 1993. The district „Bevo“ was characterized by empty abandoned houses and bad infrastructure.

Ignoring this hindered situations people from Bosnia and Herzegowina settled in „Bevo“ attracted by low rents and living costs. More Bosnian migrants came, as they had to leave european countries in the late 1990 ́s. Meanwhile Bosnians from other US states have started to move to St. Louis.

The migrants life that has located itself within the city is inevitably marked by memory of Bosnia. Our project aims to follow the hint of memory.

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We are interested in collecting your fragments of memory of Bosnia and Herzegowina.

All Bosnians in St. Louis are kindly invited to give us smaller or bigger notes upon their remembrance.

We will link all fragments collected on the virtual maps of this website.


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